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Visit Cuba with Reperio from 07th  to 14th April 2017. Register here.

There are so many reasons to visit Cuba in the summer. Our one-week educational tour is the perfect mixture of language and cultural immersion and fun. You will visit all of Cuba’s major cities.

Cities: Havana, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Santa Clara
Visit the Capitolio, Teatro Nacional, Universidad de la Habana, Museo de la Revolución, Museo de las bellas artes, Valle Ingenious, Che Guevara Mausoleum and much more

  • Capitolio

    National Capitol Building in Havana, Cuba, was the seat of government in Cuba until after the Cuban Revolution in 1959, and is now home to the Cuban Academy of Sciences.

  • Teatro Nacional
    Teatro Nacional

    The Teatro Nacional de Cuba is a modern building located in the Plaza de la Revolución. It has been a Cultural Centre since 3rd September 1979.

  • Plaza de la Cathedral
    Plaza de la Cathedral

    Plaza de la Catedral is one of the five main squares in Old Havana and the site of the Cathedral of Havana from which it takes its name.

  • Plaza de San Francisco
    Plaza de San Francisco

    Called San Francisco because of the convent next to it, this square was conceived in 1628, with the objective of supplying water to the ships trading with the metropolis.his fountain is called Fuente de los Leones (Lions Fountain).

     This open cobblestone plaza facing the harbor is home to the Fuente de los Leones fountain.

  • Universidad de la Habana
    Universidad de la Habana

    Founded on January 5, 1728, the university is the oldest in Cuba, and one of the first to be founded in the Americas.

  • Museo de la Revolución
    Museo de la Revolución

    The Museum of the Revolution is a museum located in the Old Havana section of Havana, Cuba. The museum is housed in what was the Presidential Palace of all Cuban presidents from Mario García Menocal to Fulgencio Batista

  • Casa de Africa
    Casa de Africa

    El Museo Casa de África se encuentra localizado en la Calle Mercaderes de La Habana Vieja, el casco histórico de la ciudad. Este museo exhibe varias colecciones de objetos africanos, y es único en el país.

     El museo ofrece la posibilidad de realizar un recorrido donde podrás descubrir la influencia de la cultura africana en la cultura cubana

  • Museo de las bellas artes
    Museo de las bellas artes

    The National Museum of Fine Arts of Havana in Havana, Cuba is a museum of Fine Arts that exhibits Cuban art collections from the colonial times up to contemporary generations.

  • Trinidad

    Trinidad is a town in the province of Sancti Spíritus, central Cuba. Together with the nearby Valle de los Ingenios, it has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1988

  • Holy Trinity
    Holy Trinity

    Founded in the early 16th century in honour of the Holy Trinity, the city was a bridgehead for the conquest of the American continent. Its 18th- and 19th-century buildings, such as the Palacio Brunet and the Palacio Cantero, were built in its days of prosperity from the sugar trade.

  • Plaza Mayor
    Plaza Mayor

    The heart of the 37-ha historic centre is Plaza Mayor

  • Topes de Collantes
    Topes de Collantes

    Topes de Collantes is a nature reserve park in the Escambray Mountains range in Cuba. It also refers to the third highest peak in the reserve, where a small settlement and tourist center is located, all sharing the same name.

  • Cienfuegos

    Cienfuegos, capital of Cienfuegos Province, is a city on the southern coast of Cuba. It is located about 250 km from Havana.

  • dubbed La Perla del Sur (Pearl of the South)
    dubbed La Perla del Sur (Pearl of the South)

    The city is dubbed La Perla del Sur (Pearl of the South). Cienfuegos literally translates to "one hundred fires"—cien meaning "one hundred", fuegos meaning "fires"

  • Cienfuegos port
    Cienfuegos port

    Cienfuegos port, despite being one of the latest settlements established during the colonial era, soon grew to be a powerful town due to the fertile fields surrounding it and its position on the trade route between Jamaica and South American cities to the southeast and the hinterland provincial capital of Santa Clara to the northeast.

  • Che Guevara Museum
    Che Guevara Museum

    The Che Guevara Mausoleum is a memorial in Santa Clara, Cuba. It houses the remains of revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara and twenty-nine of his fellow combatants killed in 1967 during Guevara's attempt to spur an armed uprising in Bolivia.



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