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In the Caribbean, there are many English-speaking destinations for a foreign-language student to choose from. And absolutely all of them are enticing. Indeed, we inhabit a region that is coveted by many. Today, we zoom in on Trinidad & Tobago as a destination that is of particular interest to our foreign-language counterparts. The flood of Spanish and French-speaking students flocking to these shores for an authentic Anglo-Caribbean experience is food for thought. What then would differentiate this twin-island republic from any other EFL destination?

Its large choice of educational establishments

There are more than 73 ACTT registered tertiary institutions and those in the process of registration. They cover a wide range of courses, not just language-centric courses. As such, foreign students can pursue training in any area of study that peaks their interest.

Highly educated population

Trinidad and Tobago is considered one of the most educated countries in the world with a literacy rate exceeding 98%. Free education from preschool to university means a very large proportion of the population is well-educated.

Quality internship opportunities

Unlike many islands, Trinidad and Tobago is highly industrialized and offers a range of internship opportunities for students not limited to the tourism sector, but also in energy and related industries, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, banking,  and other services. As such, foreign language students craving a professional experience in an English-speaking country find Trinidad & Tobago to be an easy choice.

Multiethnic and multi-religious environment which positively affects the quality of the experience.

There is life beyond all things academic. As such, students seek an enriching experience outside of the classroom. T&T’s diverse populations proves an interesting environment for any foreign student. Still a relatively religious country, T&T remains a stellar example of a heterogeneous, yet almost conflict-free society

Authentic and diverse landscape

Because Tourism is not the mainstay of the Trinidad & Tobago economy, its landscape remains largely untouched by the major demands of a heavy tourism-industry. This means that it is still possible to experience an authentic hike and beach expedition, although this is less the case for the smaller island of Tobago. Statistics indicate that Tourism account for only 10% of revenues of which 80% is Business tourism, so there is very little impact on the natural wonders of these islands collectively.

It’s a two-in-one package

Students feel a visit to the twin-island republic is a buy-one-get-one free deal. They get the best of both worlds – the high pace of Trinidad and the tranquility of Tobago.

The warmth of Trinis

Nothing impacts a student’s stay abroad more than the reception of the people. Students consistently rave about the hospitality of the Trinbagonian people, whether in a homestay, on campus, at their place of internship, social settings or on the street. As such, even after their official stay, many students return during their personal time to reconnect with those who were so hospitable to them during their earlier study abroad.


Students of the MFR Lamentin Guadeloupe visit PLIPDECO as part of their school programme.

Students of the MFR Lamentin Guadeloupe visit the Minister of the Arts & Multiculturalism to learn more about Trinidad & Tobago culture and policy.

Students of the Lycée Dumas-Jean Joseph Martinique visit the Botanic Gardens in Trinidad



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